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Mrs Capuchino

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Mr Capuchino

Capuchino Natural... 

A family story

Our story starts in the mountains of Bariloche, Argentina (southern Patagonia).

My name is Guada, I was raised in a very active family, where hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing and horse riding were the norm. Along with their healthy outdoor lifestyle, my family had a deep conscience for taking care of themselves in the extreme climate that is Patagonia. Living high up means living very close to the sun. At a young age, I was introduced to many natural home remedies, from cold and flu care to sun protection. My mother, Marta, made creams to protect the family's skin from the sun, along with a variety of other home remedies for daily use.

In the early 2000s, Mom moved to Jaco, Costa Rica, where she encountered a harsher climate, this time tropical. In 2006, I joined my mother in Playa Jaco.

In 2008, I started dating a local surf instructor and avid fisherman, Dani. And shortly after, I took the Costa Rican version of snowboarding ... surf!

In my new lifestyle, the battle to protect my skin from the Costa Rican sun began. Finding a sunscreen that would stay on for a full surf session was literally impossible. All the sunscreens I tried ran into the eyes and ended up in the ocean. They also left my face and back covered with acne. The chemicals in the sunscreen had an odor that told the whole story ... toxic to the ocean and to our health.

I started adjusting my family's recipe for a natural, non-chemical sunscreen that could handle the ocean and the humid tropical climate of Costa Rica. The goal was simple. Create a natural product that won't wash out, harm the ocean, or cause skin problems, but smells good and leaves skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated.

Spending long hours in the sun surfing and giving surf lessons was the perfect platform to try and perfect the sunscreen. And thus, Capuchino Surf Screen was born!

Today, we are happy to share our all-natural sunscreen with people from all different walks of life, allowing our regular customers to continue living their active lifestyle to its fullest potential.

From surfing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking, climbing, rafting, snowboarding, skiing, biking, or any outdoor activity, to relaxing by the sea.

Having created a successful sunscreen leads me to the search of being able to replace other products of daily use and thus little by little new products are being born in the natural cappuccino line, always with the same concept of respect for the environment in which we so much like to play.

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