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What is Luffa and its benefits?

Luffa is a plant that comes from the Cucurbitaceae. Of tropical origin, it grows in the area of ​​Southeast Asia since it needs a lot of heat and humidity to develop and grow properly.

The appearance of the plant is vine type, although what really interests us about the luffa are its fruits. These can reach 3 centimetres in length and outwardly resemble the common zucchini that we know.

It is precisely from this fruit that sheets are extracted to be used as an exfoliating material thanks to its fibrous and porous properties.

The benefits of a vegetable fibre (Luffa) to a synthetic one produced with derivatives of hydrocarbons.

LUFFA'S VEGETABLE SPONGE has great benefits for our body and environment.

  • Leaves no HARMFUL residue on the skin, as synthetic sponges do.

  • The production of the LUFFA sponge is respectful with the environment, NOT LIKE in the production of synthetic sponges that are made from petroleum derivatives. The LUFFA sponge is not manufactured, it is grown in the soil naturally, however synthetic sponges are produced industrially and by machines that consume a lot of energy and in many cases non-renewable.

Why choose Luffa over cellulose sponges?

Sponges produced from cellulose: the material used, as the word says, is made with cellulose from trees, this involves a large amount of energy and chemicals for the decomposition of wood and thus extract the cellulose. Cellulose does not have any fibre fabric that even resembles the loofah loofah, it does not have the same therapeutic qualities that loofah has in a totally natural way.

Main benefits of the Luffa compared to those previously described

  • Removes dead cells, facilitating a DEEP CLEANING

  • Acts as a NATURAL SCRUB, can be used with or without soap

  • Reduces excess FAT on the skin

  • Controls and prevents the appearance of ACNE Limits and reduces the appearance of CELLULITE

  • Acts as a MUSCLE RELAXANT It does not leave or contribute any type of HARMFUL residue on our skin or our body Stimulates the BLOOD circulation

  • Prevents HAIR CHARM

What are our Luffa-based products?

In our Shop, you will find products based on 100% natural and compostable Luffa for the body and the home. We use air-dried and chlorine-free Luffa, made in Costa Rica in an artisanal way. Do you want to know how to use and clean Luffa products? You will find out soon on our blog

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