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Natural repellent for mosquitoes and sand flies

Natural repellent for mosquitoes and sand flies


Before jumping into a chemical product, consider using natural products to deal with mosquitoes. The best-selling repellants contain toxic chemicals and the problem lies in a common active ingredient in most insect repellants (DEET), very effective against mosquitoes, but very harmful to the central nervous system and the environment. Why not take advantage of the qualities of various natural repellants?


    Clove : Contains essential culinary and medicinal properties for human consumption, for more than 2,000 years. It is a super aromatic plant that keeps insects away.


    May Chang : Intense and citrus scent, excellent insect repellent. Unlike chemical repellants, this oil is a tonic for the nervous system.

    Rosemary : It has a key substance to repel mosquitoes, Geraniol. In this way, it becomes a natural repellent, since the smell of rosemary is very unpleasant to mosquitoes.

    Geranium : Very effective plant to fight insects due to its lemony perfume.

    These four wonderful oils are mixed with distilled water and vegetable glycerin creating a perfect repellent for all your outdoor activities. Light and not greasy


    50ml in recyclable glass bottle with spray.

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